masc & neutral language

i finally did it, everybody.
i made a fucking carrd :/

grumpy blue pony glaring at the viewer

who i am

name: Hale Fannar Ethan
(pronounced liked "hail" "fuh nar" "ee-then" hard th)

age: 23

additional demographic info:
trans masc
exvangelical christian atheist



A Bloody Tale: N-Bs rescue themselves from a supernatural church!

Baby's First Shapeshift: a baby shapeshifts for the first time!

Favorite WIPs

Perpetual Song: George Glass saves the kids!

The Elvenking and the New Prince: the king of the Fae tries to convince his boyfriend to move in with him.

Elves in Space!!!: a new adult travels the stars!

The Ballad of Brian: an elf prince brings his snowman to life!

STAR Blazers: rewriting my first fanfic to feature a found family of furries!

various pronouns i use


nominative (fae): fae likes to write.

accusative (faer): lots of people like faer.

pronominal possessive (faer): this is faer book.

predictive possessive (faers): this book is faers.

reflexive (faerself): fae's working on believing in faerself.


nominative (he): he likes to write.

accusative (him): lots of people like him.

pronominal possessive (his): this is his book.

predictive possessive (his): this book is his.

reflexive (himself): he's working on believing in himself.


nominative (they): they like to write.

accusative (them): lots of people like them.

pronominal possessive (their): this is their book.

predictive possessive (theirs): this book is theirs.

reflexive (themself): they're working on believing in themself.

Mission Statement

i find people on twitter who experience life differently than i do, and i hit follow.

i also RT their work so that others learn from them too.

this world has made it very clear that it doesn't want people like me in it.

i don't want others, when they're partaking in my content, to feel like they are unwanted in this world.

i want my content to help them hang in there.

like it helps me hang in there.

i don't want others to be ignored and excluded when we're working towards a world that we can all live in.

a world we all want to live in.

it's not about earning "woke points", if that's the attitude you have, you're never going to become woke.

it's about ensuring that the work you leave behind (and the work of your peers that you boost) helps whoever comes after you have less unlearning to do than you did.

i don't want the next trans man to have to unlearn that he's a fake man, i want him to know he's a real man.

i don't want the next autistic person to have to unlearn that they're freaks. i want them to know they're just as worthy of love and support as neurotypical people.

that is the world i am working towards.

what kind of world do you want to live in?

and who do you want living in that world with you?

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